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    Skype ID: renalee23
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    About Refine Factory

    13-year experience in producing office chairs.

    Refine Office Furniture Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional office chair manufacturer for 13-year experience. We're specialized in eames chairs, executive chairs, swivel chairs, ergonomic chairs, conference chairs, visitor chairs, mesh chairs, fabric chairs, stackable chairs, training chairs, modern office sofa. Our products are widely applied in office, hotel, bank, church, college, government and home. At present, 80% of our products are exported to the United States, Europe, South America and South-east Asia. Our annual sales amounts reaches USD3,000,000.

    Over 400 chair models and powerful R&D

    We have various office chairs for your selection, reaching over 250 ready models. We reinvest 10% into R&D to release 8 new models monthly. Our 5 engineers have 10 years' experience and can release OEM samples within 7 days.

    High quality and trustworthy QC Staff Members

    We have 21 suppliers and some of them have been cooperating with us for 12 years. Our skilled workers have over 5 years' experience of making chairs. Professional QC staff members will make in-depth inspection at every step from raw material sourcing and chair manufacturing to packaging of finished products. We offer a one-year warranty for our products. Till now, we have received a zero return rate from clients.

    40 HQ delivered within 25 days

    We offer timely delivery. A 40 HQ can be ready within 25 days. We monthly produce 30-40pcs containers. Sample delivery time is 7days. We also provide package design service.

    Contact us now. We will reply your inquiry within 24hours.

    Skype ID: renalee23 Tel: 86-755-84820426 Fax: 86-755-84820435 Email:info@refine-furniture.com 備案號:粵ICP備17117484號-1

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